Sunday, December 18, 2011

It's That Time...

Yes, it's party day! I still have to make one last batch of cookies but otherwise everything is under control (or so I keep telling myself). I am going to the Farmer's Market this a.m. too if I am organized enough, just to have some vegetables for this week. Also their pomegranates are about eighty times better than any from the store.

Other than that, this house is probably as clean as it's been since we moved in. Nothing like a party to get us to actually put stuff away!

With any luck I will update this post with pictures tonight....

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Party Planning

So there are a few benefits to getting up in the dark. One is, now that I'm adjusted, having time to run all kinds of errands and things at the end of the day. This week I successfully attended two yoga classes, made unusually good banana bread, went to the library, got a haircut, and went to Costco, all things I would have failed at in the first months of this job. So that's good. I am almost stocked up for the holiday party, so this weekend I can start making candy.

Except, this weekend I have three parties and a concert. Argh! The concert was this afternoon, and it was fun, if not totally stylish:

Pit Black

I had to add a little bling to save myself from dying of boredom. But I do love playing good Christmas music!

The parties are ALL on Sunday. The first one is my next-door neighbor's 90th birthday, followed by my best friend's gingerbread house making party. And then we are going to dinner in Berkeley for my sister's birthday. So it is going to be a tight schedule.