Saturday, February 25, 2012

Actual Follow-Up With Photos!

Where's a GIF of Satan ice-skating to work when you need one?

So here is the couch wall - the small pictures are still going to get reframed because it bugs me that they are so beat up and the mats don't match. They will also be thicker, square frames and take up slightly more space. But the picture in the middle is awesome and the overall effect is much more balanced. And yes, that is how dim my house is naturally.
And here is the drumset wall. There is a reason why these are hung high. Yes somebody has to sit under them to play the drums. And they are not as high as they seem because they pretty much play along with the pictures in the adjoining kitchen.
Although I really like the relationship between the three pictures since they are all similar sizes but not the same, I think I may have to move them all down an inch or two overall just because they look SO high to me. Thoughts?

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Slim Pickings

I received an early birthday present which I will soon be showing off... my dad upgraded his camera lens and I got his hand-me-down. So now I can Craigslist my old lens as well as the loveseat. And then I can get frames! I have four more pictures to add to the wall over the sofa, and they are varying sizes and shapes so I can get the coveted "salon wall" effect.
This wall over the sofa currently has three similarly-sized pictures that aren't big enough for the wall. Now I have two more medium sized ones, one tiny one and a long skinny one that I am going to try to arrange so they look a little less like I attempted to have everything match and failed. We will see if I have any luck. I will possibly even scrounge a newspaper somewhere so I can cut paper templates and make sure everything is spaced out evenly. 

Also no, the living room has not changed much since we moved in. You can compare and contrast once I get this danged art hung up. And photographed with my snazzy new lens!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Something To Show For It...

Welcome to my office. It looks about the same overall, but we have been doing some art swappery and I am now debating sticking this loveseat on Craigslist. My dad has offered me an elderly armchair that he doesn't feel like having reupholstered. I would just cover it with blankets etc. for now but it is one of the comfy chairs that I grew up with so it is highly tempting. Also, see the door there? The loveseat is a bit big for this room...

And I finally found a spot for my kingfisher print! The buffalo needed a little company.

This may be the only vignette in my entire house. The buffalo has lived on top of the bookshelf since I was very little, my great-grandfather made it and for years it stood up there alone. I feel like it is a little more homey now that he has some company.

This is the current quandary. I like the lamp base, my dad made it for me (well, he had the ceramic cylinder made and then he wired it and put the base on. The only thing is, the lampshade is terrible (in my eyes). I am thinking that when there is a little more room in that corner after I replace the loveseat with a chair that is two feet narrower, I can get a nice cylindrical drum shade for it so it looks a little more modern. Although probably not one of those, something on the same lines but not so overpriced.

So that's where things are right now. And no, I am not posting a picture of my desk right now. But the loveseat is getting vacuumed and put on Craigslist this weekend!