Saturday, February 25, 2012

Actual Follow-Up With Photos!

Where's a GIF of Satan ice-skating to work when you need one?

So here is the couch wall - the small pictures are still going to get reframed because it bugs me that they are so beat up and the mats don't match. They will also be thicker, square frames and take up slightly more space. But the picture in the middle is awesome and the overall effect is much more balanced. And yes, that is how dim my house is naturally.
And here is the drumset wall. There is a reason why these are hung high. Yes somebody has to sit under them to play the drums. And they are not as high as they seem because they pretty much play along with the pictures in the adjoining kitchen.
Although I really like the relationship between the three pictures since they are all similar sizes but not the same, I think I may have to move them all down an inch or two overall just because they look SO high to me. Thoughts?


scb said...

I like the height of the pics above the drums, for what my opinion is worth. I think the balance is good, and as I imagine someone playing the drums below them, I think lower could be too low.

By the way, I've just tagged you for a silly Q&A --

Alana in Canada said...

Ho did I miss this? Hooray for photos. The pictures above the drum set could be loered. I'd actually like to see them lined up in a row at the level of the bottom most picture. I don't know--could be me--but I have come to dislike pictures hung at random heights--especially when they soop. Must be old age.

Anne At Large said...

Thanks SCB, I will get on that tonight with any luck!

Alana, those pictures used to be all in a row over the sofa (yes, you got "afters" but no "during") and they are just different enough to make me twitchy when all hung at one level. But I think I am going to move them all down an inch or so.