Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Musical Interlude

Last night was date night. It was really nice. Santa Cruz on a Saturday night is loud and busy and crowded, but on a Sunday it is much more reasonable. We hit my favorite restaurant, a place just called Red Restaurant and Lounge, first. They always have interesting things on the menu and now I have determined that I am ok with brussels sprouts as long as they are in roasted/chip form. Texture is apparently crucial, who knew? They were nutty and crispy and I may actually purchase some brussels sprouts for the first time in my life to try and replicate them at home.

But enough about cruciferous vegetables, we went to a show! John Pizzarelli is the son of the famous jazz guitarist Bucky Pizzarelli and the guy is a party. The vibe is very high-energy Tony Bennett if Tony Bennett were a couple of decades younger and could play a mean guitar.

And next we are going to Paul McCartney! This is a bigger show than I have been to in years and I am excited and slightly alarmed. With age, my tolerance for crowds decreases dramatically. And I am ooold now. But thankfully so is Sir Paul. And the rest of his audience. So we will see how that goes.