Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Happy New Year!

We went out with Matt's parents on their boat on New Year's Day and it was lovely.
Hazy and not windy enough for a sail but we had a little motor around and I think that peak in the distance is Mt. Tam. Hazy days also make for lovely sunsets so I won't complain (much, although we are overdue for some rain down here).
This weekend we took a drive up the coast to Davenport, which is a tiny town where the Odwalla bottling plant was before they got bought out by Coca-cola. Now all that's really there is some pretty views and a couple of little breakfast joints, hence our trip.
Back home I have been fighting some sort of bug the last few days and being a bum. However, the neighbors are gutting their house and putting a second story on, and today was foundation-pouring day. So not exactly a peaceful day at home with two concrete trucks outside all day. But it may have inspired the landlord (my dad) and I have some project pictures coming up soon!

On the home front, Matt's on a bit of a health food kick so if I find and good recipes with chia seeds I'll definitely post them (ha). That said, nothing will top the post-holiday stuffing waffles. Normally I am not a big Rachael Ray fan but she has a stuffing waffle recipe with cranberry maple syrup - blend up your leftover cranberry sauce 50/50 with maple syrup and whoo baby! It's a ways out, but next Thanksgiving think about those leftovers...