Monday, April 30, 2012

Update-y Goodness

Remember this picture?
 Its denizens have moved on to bigger and better things. 

Although from here it looks like flatter things it is really cushier ones, the angle is just bad. But the seams line up and it all looks like it was sewn on purpose. A minor triumph.
 This is what that corner now looks like. The giant loveseat has left us and now I just need a smaller lamp so that table is more efficient. The blanket and pillow will most likely live on top of that chair for the foreseeable future as it is the most comfortably-shaped chair ever but was ceded to us for its lack of upholstered cushiness. So someday it will get reupholstered, and until then, it will be lazily padded. But the room now feels several times larger.
 This is my newest acquisition from my favorite store. I had no idea they had art and I adore this print.
 Pardon the glare, I don't want to take it out of the plastic until I have a frame for it. The cardinal is adorable. Adoration abounds. 
 And we survived our belated Easter celebration relatively intact. Although the nephews will not be back until I can get their footprints off of my walls.
And the garden is looking respectable, but that's another post. So far, my purple pots are surviving. And my succulent hoard is expanding... 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Technology Has Landed

I don't have pictures yet, but I'm posting this from my new smartphone. Happy birthday to me! We stayed home sick for my actual birthday but we had to go to Reno so we got to have a big birthday party for Matt's 40th and as birthday-related shenanigans I now have a smartphone and it is not surprisingly an entertaining toy. So expect more photos soon... And more excessive run-on sentences.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Yes I Am Still Alive

However, I have too many irons in my fire right now. We ripped out the front yard and before we got to the next step (pavers and trees), found out that we have a massive termite infestation and have to tent the house. I have been sick and Matt has been even sicker (bleh). And now we have to go to Reno to tidy up the house because our renter has to move out and we have to find a new renter. But it is still potentially snowing so we can't turn on the sprinklers yet. And I have no idea if I will have time/weather to get anything done in the garden up there.

So I am cranky.

And in response I have been doing the little dinky projects I have been putting off. Pictures may ensue, depending on how productive my Craigslisting is. Craigslisting funds the little projects. But the little projects keep me from being quite so cranky. And at least the back garden looks decent for Easter (which we are celebrating two weeks late because my sister is an accountant).