Sunday, February 19, 2012

Slim Pickings

I received an early birthday present which I will soon be showing off... my dad upgraded his camera lens and I got his hand-me-down. So now I can Craigslist my old lens as well as the loveseat. And then I can get frames! I have four more pictures to add to the wall over the sofa, and they are varying sizes and shapes so I can get the coveted "salon wall" effect.
This wall over the sofa currently has three similarly-sized pictures that aren't big enough for the wall. Now I have two more medium sized ones, one tiny one and a long skinny one that I am going to try to arrange so they look a little less like I attempted to have everything match and failed. We will see if I have any luck. I will possibly even scrounge a newspaper somewhere so I can cut paper templates and make sure everything is spaced out evenly. 

Also no, the living room has not changed much since we moved in. You can compare and contrast once I get this danged art hung up. And photographed with my snazzy new lens!


The Farmers Daughter said...

I love that rug- it's wonderful!

Alana in Canada said...

It will look great. Congrats on the new lens!

Anne At Large said...

Thanks TFD, that rug overpowered our last living room and I love it here! I think it works much better on wood floors than it did over wall-to-wall carpet ;)

Alana, thanks! Hopefully it will lead to more pictures for the blog, and soon!