Thursday, December 4, 2008

Friday listening post.

Talk about aging fucking gracefully. I was channel surfing the other night and mocking the AMAs (American Music Awards). Then they brought out Annie Lennox. Talk about class. That woman is amazing. She is an activist that I can get behind (I'm looking at you, Bono). And a brilliant musician. With the Eurythmics or solo, I love that woman. She is who the girls of today should be looking up to. Miley Cyrus, this is what you should be aspiring to, not Britney or Madonna-dom.

At the AMAs, showing how it's done. NOT lip syncing, not using AutoTune (the program that most popsters use to make sure they're singing in tune and without heart/soul).

This one won't embed. But it is awesome too. Spend some time on youtube - the woman does amazing videos, and embedding seems to be turned off on most of them. Sigh.

This is a Bob Marley song.

Even when she's singing "I need a man" she still is less demeaning to women than those little chickie-poos that I do my damndest to avoid in modern pop. How does she do it? I would post about twenty videos on here if I could but I hate piling up a bunch of links.


lsaspacey said...

I saw her AMA segment too. I was lucky I turned it on when I did. She looks great and I loved how embarrassed she was about the standing ovation. I've always loved her; however, I don't have many of her albums.

Alana in Canada said...

Ms Lennox has an extra special place in my heart and soul. There was an album of hers--her first after breaking up with David whats-his-name of the Eurythmics. It was on audio cassette. I played that thing in the car over and over and over. Once in a hile a tune from the album will come on in the grocery store and I stand transfixed, oblivious to the kids and the shopping list, mouthing long forgotten words, filled with exquisite angst, thinking of flying in a rusty Toyota with big trees rushing up to meet me.

Thanks for the heads up on You tube. I'll check them out.

Alana in Canada said...

Oh my.

Just saw that video. Amazing.

Yeah--that was even one of the songs on the album.

Such power. I'm crying.
Thanks for this, Anne.

Anne (in Reno) said...

Lisa and Alana, if you want just one Annie Lennox album, that song is off of her first solo album Diva. Her most recent album Songs of Mass Destruction is also fantastic. The two in between that I recall off the top of my head were a little more down-tempo so they weren't my favorites but Alana, I think Diva is probably the one you had on cassette. And it holds up very well today.