Thursday, December 23, 2010

More Pictures! Holiday Roundup.

Homemade swag.
Nerdiest swag ever. It's a tiny tuba.

This is my awesome tree. I paid  more to get it from the Boy Scouts instead of the grocery store but then they trimmed the trunk for me and loaded it in my car without getting needles everywhere. Also it is a much nicer tree than I have ever had before and has hardly shed at all in almost two weeks! No idea how the fancy decor bloggers get such good tree pictures, however I imagine it has to do with proper lighting and big white walls to shoot against instead of busy red brick and speakers. Now I remember why I am not a fancy decor blogger.
Hungarian ornaments. Oddly enough I have a heart and an umbrella. They were from one of my sisters, years ago.
Hummingbird from my aunt. He has a matching peacock buddy, too. You can also see my beloved cranberry wood garlands in the background. I think these are so pretty, I got two last year and had to get two more this year because I love them so much (and they are pretty short).
My oh-so-festively decorated mantel. If I wasn't getting ready to move I would acknowledge that it needs bigger art or something as everything is slightly too uniformly short. But right now it just has to hold all the holiday cards. There is some hand-me-down silver garland action here too. Not as cool as the cranberry  garland. Also tiny felt trees from my sister and silver candlesticks from the in-laws.

And this is my centerpiece. Every year it gets a different combo of ball colors, but the dish is always the same. It is a random wedding gift from I-have-no-idea-who and once a year I bust it out and fill it with balls. 

Now back to cooking!


unmitigated me said...

Awesome tree pictures need a tripod, or at least a very steady surface, and no flash. Your tree is lovely anyway. I am really taken with the hummingbird! Also, the centerpiece is a really great idea!

Anne (in Reno) said...

Thanks I bought a big tub of balls (yeah, I said it) and there are always too many for the tree so I thought I should use the leftovers elsewhere. And I am all for easy decor!