Monday, June 13, 2011

Many Thanks

It has been a crappy couple of weeks, thanks so much for all the well wishes everyone! Tomorrow Matt finally gets his first surgery so we are crossing our fingers that we have been doing everything right and it will be the first of very few surgeries that he needs.

The crappy bit is that he was scheduled to have it LAST Tuesday, but Monday when we were taking care of all the pre-op tests (he has an exciting medical history that makes doctors want LOTS of tests before they poke him) I was told at 9:30 that he was good to go and that the hospital and the insurance company were on the same page and everything was hunky-dory. That afternoon I got another call saying that the hospital was out of network and we were welcome to get the surgery done if we were prepared to pay cash-ola for the whole shebang. While currently both not employed. BUT INSURED. This seems to defeat the purpose of insurance.

So I spent an excessive amount of time on the phone and got a doctor who was in our network, and down the street. However, long story short, we met with him on Thursday and hated him, but scheduled another pre-op appointment for today because we thought he was our best option. And got home to a letter from the hospital saying the surgery at the hospital was totally approved and we should go do that. So I call the insurance and they say "yeah, go for it, why didn't you get that done Tuesday?" and when I call the hospital to schedule it they say "no, you're not approved, you can't schedule anything". So there were many hours on the phone and not yelling but repeat phone calls to see if somebody else could transfer me somewhere more useful instead of to the lady who works from 6:30 to 3 when I am calling at 3:15.

Who works from 6:30 to 3 when they are supposed to be helping people in the same time zone?

Anyways, things are getting sorted, surgeries with the nice doctor will be covered, well wishes are appreciated, and I promise there will be pictures soon of my adorable office (as soon as it is no longer covered in insurance papers on every surface) and the most attractive fabric I have ever found and been forced to buy even though I am scared to cut and/or sew it because it is SO GORGEOUS. Hopefully I will be functional enough as a human being to get back to the projects before any more of them accumulate. I also have four neglected tomato plants that need to get in the ground1

It has been a Caps Lock last couple of weeks. Hope everyone's June is going well now that it is almost half over. Yeesh.

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Alana in Canada said...

My fingers are crossed that Matt's surgery goes well! About your insurance and hospital woes, --what a rigamarole--and such a waste of time and resources.

Looking forward to seeing that office. (And you aren't the only one behind on planting, though I've no good excuse).