Monday, January 9, 2012

Things New Zealand Could Have Mentioned Sooner

Not much to report here right now, there are no Ngaio Marsh books available for the Kindle (sigh) but I am not allowed to take it to work anyways. This is the current lunchtime reading, a bit dry so far but perfect for 25 minutes a day. Then I get to read my Kindle when I get home. I just finished a series of short stories by modern authors trying to capture some of the magic of classic Sherlock Holmes mysteries. Some of them are fun, most of them are weird, a couple of them are quite excellent (the Lost World themed one was pretty hilarious in its weird way). I am considering investing the $6 in the whole set but unfortunately (the Kindle conundrum) I'm not sure if they're really keepers. The ones I read were fun but there is a reason I like to go to the library. Less commitment. And the library, so far, is pretty slow on the e-book front.

The only time I ever went to a Spike and Mike animation festival there were about three shorts that stuck with me. This one popped up again recently and I still love the combination of retro music and animation with total bonkers weirdness. I may post the other two yet.

Bonkers weirdness may yet be the theme of the week.


The Farmers Daughter said...

thank you for posting that squirrel nut zippers video- I used to love them and I had never seen that before!

Anne At Large said...

Glad you liked it, they are so fun and I had forgotten how much I like them!