Sunday, October 28, 2012

I Need Some Exciting Things To Talk About

...because right now I am sans projects and fun things. I am accumulating lots of ideas though, the biggie right now is to do something about the laundry situation, right now the laundry area is in the garage, and that means it is grimy and there is no good work space because I stack stuff on top of the dryer for storage. So my plan is to slap a coat of paint on the wall in there and hang a cabinet on it. Then I can store soap and cleaning things in there. And I swear, there will be before and after pictures. 

I have plans to shoot a new house tour because things have gotten moved around and my inspirations and whatnot are all jumbled up. I have been helping a recently-divorced friend redecorate and it is making me want to rearrange my house. And since the size of the house limits rearranging quite a bit, that means mostly moving accessories and swapping around art.
So I swear, there will be pictures soon. Right now I am just brainstorming and lacking inspiration. And time.


The Farmers Daughter said...

glad to read your post- I have the same issues- no fun- no ideas- no projects!

I am going to have to make one up soon!

Anne At Large said...

It's hard when inspiration is not striking, where's the lightning?!