Friday, April 12, 2013

Does That Make Me Crazy? Probably...

I'm still around, things have been quiet because one of my coworkers got a new job and we haven't replaced her and my other coworker was on vacation so last week I got to do two people's jobs and this week I got to do three people's jobs. Well, not really. Let's just say we are a little behind but I gave it the old college try. And not the "drink stuff somebody mixed in a garbage can and wake up the next day in your party clothes" kind of try. But I am pretty proud of myself.

And my reward is going to be my first vacation day in seven months! We are headed up to Reno in the a.m. to give that storage unit of stuff a dirty look and visit a lot of people. It should be a blast, other than the drive and the potential for bad weather that always comes with the Sierra Nevadas in springtime.

And since what's a post with no pictures of plants, here's our trip to Hakone Gardens last weekend.
It was a weird, humid hazy day but the cherry blossoms and the azaleas were looking lovely. Too early for the wisteria though except in the sunniest spots.
And there were lots of people there, so it was a challenge waiting for people to move behind a shrub so they wouldn't spoil the photo.
But it was worth it. We tried to go to Filoli but they were having some sort of open house/family day and it was $20 for members (!) as opposed to the normal FREE. Also, huge crowds of small children. I don't go to gardens to be surrounded by people.
I go to gardens to maintain the illusion that there totally isn't a dude right behind that shrub. He's in the next shot.

So wish me luck, I have to go to bed so we can drive to Reno bright and early! And cross your fingers that we can unload some furniture while we're there!

Bonus! This is the cool creepy video from which I stole my title.

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Alana in Canada said...

Lovely gardens! Hope you sell some furniture. Good to hear from you.