Monday, September 8, 2014

Project Update

So this was a sad corner of my kitchen. The original thought was that it faced the dining room so something in the credenza or buffet family should live there, so it never got cabinets to match the rest of the kitchen. Thus, when we moved in, this was what the budget provided.

It was very functional, and EVERYTHING got shoved over there. Mess central. I also inherited my great-aunt's china (beautiful but most of a set so lots of space required). So I did a deal with the landlord.

The place that sold the kitchen cabinets sells them as single units, and these just fit.

They also sell precut slab granite for cheap. Unfortunately, no handles, those were the worst part. We bought the cabinets individually already assembled, then all we had to do was screw the three units together and glue the slab on top (it is definitely not going anywhere now). And put on ALL THE HANDLES. Seriously, the biggest investment of time and effort for this whole shebang, other than the three trips to pick up the separate pieces, was those handles.

But I Looooove it. This is the legitimate, not-styled action shot. We will put away the cereal when we have dinner parties, I promise. But we still get the buffet effect, with a massive increase in storage. All my kitchen linens, stand mixer, all that china, and I still have room! The small radio may not stay forever but I think the wine looks fancy there. And I promised Matt not to cover it completely with plants. And I do have a paper towel holder that I am going to attempt to hang, so that won't live there either (eventually).

So this is what my last two weekends have been spent on while Matt was sick or working. Enthralling, I know. But it has been a huge improvement in my life. That is also why you didn't get a before picture, we are not memorializing the epic amounts of stuff that used to get piled here. The only catch is to not pile all the things here now. It is great for unloading groceries though. Unexpected bonus! 

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that is fabulous! I love it.....