Wednesday, April 22, 2015


So due to a series of unfortunate events, I am stuck home invalid for a bit. I am trying to spend my time somewhat reasonably, so I have been watching BBC documentaries on Netflix. So far it has been Richard III and now the holy Grail. I also am working on a book on Basque history by Mark Kurlansky. I have enjoyed some of his earlier histories but this one so far is a bit list-y. Basque history is generally interesting but it is suffering a bit from the presentation.

I am also having excessive time to look at where to go for our next vacation! I get a long weekend for Memorial Day next month and we are going to go down the coast to the San Luis Obispo area. I am really excited to take Matt to Hearst Castle, he has taken me to enough castles and cathedrals I figure I owe him one, and I think he will really enjoy it. Hearst Castle is amazing, and I haven't been in 10+ years. Blogger won't let me put in a picture, but the website has some great shots.

William Randolph Hearst was building with his daddy's money from massively profitable gold and silver mines, and his own from the early newspaper industry. He spent like it was going out of style, importing church pews, tapestries and parts of buildings from all over Europe (authentic or otherwise). He consorted with the rich and famous and was known for his amazing parties. The movie Citizen Kane is famously based on Hearst, but a smaller movie called the Cat's Meow was also based on some unusual incidents in his life and is a fun film. It also features the late Edward Herriman as Hearst, and that will always be my mental image of Hearst now.

Hope everyone is well and doing many fun things this spring! I will try to update more reasonably and have some patience with Blogger as best I can. Emma, I very much hope you and Andreas are doing well and the adoption process is going smoothly for you!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Annie!
How are you doing now? And how was Hearst Castle? The adoption looong. But we've finally been approved, and things can start happening! We're now in the process of deciding what country to adopt from etc. Exciting and a little scary!