Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Breaking The Blog Silence (Ooh That Sounds So Serious)

So the truth is, my job is less than "all that". It is a good starter job, but overall, there are a lot of things I don't love. The hours right now are making me an antisocial non-blogging lame-o, but hopefully those will change in a couple of weeks. And I am trying to decide if the job is making me feel racist, or if the people I am seeing are really just the racists. I work with plants. It is a maintenance job. Thus, the three people that have trained me so far have all been Hispanic. Very nice and good at their jobs too. Now we work with plants, so people come and ask us plant questions (somebody asked me a cleaning question my first week but he was a total douche so I just said "I'm not a cleaning lady, I just do plants"). Whenever somebody white or Asian has a plant question, they ask me. I think it's fairly clear that I'm the trainee, but maybe not. Whenever we are dealing with demanding little ladies who want their plants Just So, they tell me. However, whenever some other maintenance person in the area or secretary we have a question for happens to be Hispanic, it's like I don't exist because I can't talk to them in Spanish. Is this weird? Or do I just need to be practical and learn some Spanish?

In the "good stuff going on", Matt is meeting people and being social. He has been a shut-in ever since the accident except for when Reno friends visit, so this is really exciting. He is starting to really enjoy his job and is staying late tonight for a blues jam (because all the guys there are into blues jams, apparently). Tomorrow night he is off to the city to see a show with a buddy. I had to get on his schedule for date night Friday night! No idea what we will do, but it will be together, and sans guitars.

And I am getting lots of food for my plant obsession! Today I brought home some leftovers that can't be reused, three bromeliads and three phalaenopsis orchids that are still mostly blooming. They sell "color bowls" and the color has to be kept up-to-date and while with the bigger foliage plants they can often be reused, the color really can't be. So free purple orchids for me! It is still to be seen what will survive in this house... my current orchids have been blooming for a month and a half now and my grandmother used to keep her cymbidium orchids outdoors so I am tempted to try doing the same with these fellas when they are not in bloom.

AND I am fantasizing about what to do with these paychecks I am going to be getting! Note the key word, fantasizing. Apparently fall means neutrals and navy for my imaginary living room.

Living Room Update

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