Monday, September 26, 2011

Moving Slowly

These 6-2:30 hours are not working well for me. I came home today and took a two hour nap. I need to get applying to jobs instead of watching The Big Bang Theory in reruns.

But I will say, I went to an amazing concert Saturday night. CAKE has an email list and if you are on it and were in the Bay Area you got access to tickets to what basically amounted to a private show on the San Francisco Belle on a cruise around the bay. And for the same price they are playing next month at the Fox theater with two other bands. Who I don't care about. So this was the show for me!

It was an interesting show - they played a lot of their new album and very few of their biggest hits. And the crowd knew all the words to every song! And it was some good people-watching, one of the first shows I have been to since moving back to the Bay Area and a very stereotypical SF-looking crowd (as opposed to the last show I saw, which was Prince).

Also I came home with a limited-edition letterpress poster from the show! Now I just have to figure out where it can go in my house...

And in garden news (someday there will be pictures) I think my tomatoes are going to be a failure. Too much water. They are finally ripening now and the ones that got hit by the lawn sprinklers are weirdly squishy while not being ripe enough to pull off of the vines yet. My expectations are not high. The one tiny bush that didn't get hit by the sprinklers at all is half their size and is successfully producing awesome tomatoes, interestingly enough.

Musical interlude (not CAKE):


Kerry said...

Thanks for the Imelda May musical lead!

Alana in Canada said...

Sorry about the tomatoes. Ours are small, the skin is a bit tough, but so yummy! We got tons of rain this summer.

Those work hours are killer.

The Farmers Daughter said...

I love Cake. I would be singing along too..... my tomatoes were disapointing this year too.... I don't really know why either.