Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Tonight was a lovely Halloween. We stayed in and drank wine with friends and gave candy to little kids and made them all tell us what their costumes were. Yes, we're those people. And tiny kids dressed as superheroes and fairy princesses ruled the neighborhood. The leftovers will be abandoned at work tomorrow for other people (Whoppers and Almond Joy, we are keeping the leftover Twix and Heath bars).

And I have clearly been listening to the radio too much while driving around for work. Because right now I am irritated at the pop music industry and their need for maudlin love songs (ahem, paging miss Adele?) There are more things to sing about than luuuurve. Which is why I have to post this new Florence and the Machine video. She is one of the only things I am hearing on the radio right now that I am excited about at a Neko Case level. As in, I think she is as talented and as weird and I am excited that she is on the radio as much as she is. And this new video is awesome.

Also, pretty!

The other favorites of mine that I can't believe are getting as much radio play as they are are The Black Keys. If you're going to sing about love, this is the way to do it.

They have such a good, gritty sound and that drummer makes me want to dance! What are you listening to right now that you are excited about?

The other thing I am loving right now is a blues musician named Rory Gallagher. Sometimes Matt will say, "oh, you should listen to this, you'll like this" and be completely correct and it will be somebody I never would have known about otherwise. So this is the song on repeat on my iPod this week:


Alana in Canada said...

I don't remember when I heard this--but it was recently. I hear you about adele. My daughter is humming her constantly! I love her voice--but there is a limit. Anyway, you've probably heard/seen this but if not, enjoy!

Oh, hubs loved the blues guy.

Anne At Large said...

Thanks for the link Alana, that was, shall we say, an interesting performance. The youtube comments have lots of arguments about autotune and I have to say she definitely sounds a little bit different. But I really enjoyed it nonetheless!

And if your Daedalus enjoyed the Rory Gallagher you should keep an eye out for that album for him, it's called A Blue Day For The Blues and the whole thing is great.