Thursday, November 10, 2011

Roundup/Update/Just Some Stuff

I need to blog about more stuff, clearly! Sorry about that. The tree guy came out yesterday and he is going to take out our front trees (dying, badly pruned, etc.) and we have to go through the rigamarole with the city to replace the street tree... it literally took MONTHS to get the permit to take it out when it is obviously dying. Here's the fun part: if a branch falls on somebody, it's our fault, if it lifts up the sidewalk it's our problem, but we need their permission to do anything to/about it or they will ticket us. And we have to replace it with the same kind of tree. The plus is that there is a nonprofit that will give us a free tree but we have to go to some sort of class in order to get it so now we just want to get it over with ASAP. Then we can replace it and start fussing with the actual front yard instead (I plan on a minimum of one fruit tree).

Also, we are going to a show this weekend! It is a group Matt loves, the guitar player was a child prodigy that stuck around and the mandolin player has been playing hippie music since Jerry Garcia was around and now they play jazz and gypsy jazz together. It is at a cool club in Jack London Square and we are going to get all dolled up and go early and have dinner there (if you eat there they will reserve you seats, otherwise you have to wait in line outside for hours and then other people have already gotten seats reserved for them, it's a complete scam but at least the food is good).

And I get to dress up instead of wearing khakis and a polo shirt like the rest of the week...

Edited to add: Aarean at The Color Issue is having ANOTHER giveaway. Please don't go enter, I want to win ;)

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