Sunday, November 20, 2011

Better Homes And...

So I got to have a little time to myself to be domestic this weekend. So I whipped up a batch of granola loosely based on this recipe for easy breakfasts (for Matt, I have eggs every day before work because otherwise I am starving by 10am). This batch used agave nectar, applesauce and molasses as sweeteners/stickifiers and I think the recipe is honey, applesauce and brown rice syrup. So let's just say it is very loosely based. Like, the measurements are the same but the actual contents aren't always.
And a pot of spicy curry coconut carrot soup. Which is perfect with some buttery toast on a rainy day. It is rich and sweet and spicy and warms you up inside. This is even more loosely based on any kind of recipe, I just looked at a couple of carrot soup recipes and then made this instead. It is a hit, as orange gruel goes. 
And I am starting to organize my thoughts and recipes for our holiday party. I am trying to figure out a reasonable time to have it based on the fact that people down here a. live farther apart and b. have crazy schedules. So I am trying to figure out if I should just have a Sunday afternoon open house and people can come have snacks and cider and hang out instead of having a Saturday night rager where people mix their own cocktails in pint glasses (ah, Reno).

Would my bloggy friends theoretically come to a Sunday afternoon cocktail/housewarming/holiday open house? Or should it be Saturday afternoon since that's less weird for a party day?


scb said...

Theoretically, I'd rather go to a Sunday afternoon party, because Saturday afternoon is usually filled with errands and shopping and all that malarkey.

lauralynne said...

Your granola looks yummy, although I too require a decent amount of protein in the morning if I expect to last until lunchtime.

Regarding the party--I'm always grateful when parties are scheduled for Sunday afternoons or evenings. I regularly work on Saturdays and either miss events entirely because of my schedule or get there kind of late and discombobulated.