Friday, June 1, 2012

Skipped A Few Steps

So the first of the plants are in. This is not the best picture but it is a very general start. The stuff in front is a creeper so it will get maybe three feet tall and should fill in that corner. The little tree is a navel orange. Because I couldn't move to California and not plant an orange tree. There will be much more, but plants are expensive so this is just the very first round. Also, the neighbors offered to rip out the yuccas (see: nasty spiky hedge, back left) so we will be recalculating what goes in on the left side of the path. 
 But there was a break in there between leveling the big pile of dirt in the last post and getting the first of the plants in.
 Yes those are new windows.
 When the landlord wants to get something done, it can pay to not argue.
 The kitchen corner is much brighter now. We still need to finish the interior trim but the house is SO MUCH QUIETER now that it is weird.
Gratuitous office picture. Yes that is my exciting view. I consider this the reward for making it through the fumigation bits. And leveling the giant pile of dirt (that killed a weekend).


Alana in Canada said...

That fence is begging for a mural or something. Such a cute house. I thought this had been your grandmother's house, though? Did she have a landlord?

The Farmers Daughter said...

It is a super cute house!

Anne At Large said...

It was my grandmother's house, now it is my dad's - I call him the landlord, because he decides what house projects get done (and signs the checks!) I'm just the manual labor. Except he's letting me pick out the plants.

Alana, the fence is not really in paintable shape and it surrounds the entire back 3/4 of the lot (so it would be a LOT of painting). My current plan involves climbing vines.