Wednesday, July 11, 2012


My apologies, I have been busy with not-terribly-exciting things. Thus, not much to write about. However, I have gotten my Kindle hooked up with the local library. So my junk reading is now free and back on the schedule (I have been too lazy to go to the new library since they closed down the one that I went to since I was tiny). I promptly mainlined several of the most recent Alexander McCall Smith #1 Ladies Detective Agency books. These are pretty much ideal summer reading. Reflective and charming without being as annoying as the mystery ones he does set in Edinburgh. No massive twists and turns, just relationships between people and lovely writing about Botswana. Also, intermittently, the Edgar Rice Burroughs Princess of Mars series. Ridiculous and quite fun, but they require breaks due to excessive alien battles.

Also I am attempting a different workout regimen. My job was really active but now it has become a lot less so, and so on the days when I am not too pooped to pop when I get home, I am trying to run through this pilates video a friend gave me. There are points for being able to get home and run through it before getting in the shower. Very low pressure. So we will see if I can stick it out. I have only done this stuff in class form before, I had a great teacher but it was hard on the budget and once I got home after work I didn't want to leave again. I'm a bum that way.

Also there was never a final official jam head count (we started eating it too soon), but we ended up with apricot jam, apricot chutney, cherry-apricot jam, plum jam (with and without cinnamon) and two little jars of what was supposed to be apricot syrup for waffles etc. but turned out more like apricot simple syrup. Potentially for mojitos or mixing with champagne. So not bad so far for this summer's haul.

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Kerry said...

Your life sounds good to me! I especially like the combination of apricots and cherries--so delicious!