Friday, December 28, 2012

Fighting With Blogger

Let's see if I can post this, maybe Blogger is just anti- pictures of fruitcakes.

So the party was lovely, everything was a hit except the couple of things that got forgotten in the fridge, and we got to have leftover cookies and cider for ~1.5 days, which is reasonable.

Christmas was also fun, we went and had a delicious cioppino at the house of some of Matt's Italian gourmand cousins. I brought a tiramisu as it is my only recipe that will stand up ti ANYONE's scrutiny, no matter how fancy their tastes.

And now I am at work and it is DEEEEEEAD because it has been pouring rain and nobody is worried about their plants being happy when they are worried about their trees blowing down. So I am using up all my data on my phone farting around online instead.

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