Sunday, December 2, 2012

House Update and the Beginning of the Party Planning Lists

I inherited some stuff from a parental cleanout this weekend, the annoying office rug that never stays flat under chair wheels is getting Craigslisted and the old vaguely Persian rug that is in way better shape is now residing under my wheels as I type. Also my mom's knockoff Herman Miller-ish desk chair that she never used. So my office is fancy now! House tour update is still pending, I swear.

I have also been swapping art around on walls and it is still not where I want it to be. Grr. However, good art is everywhere and is even sometimes incredibly cheap - I am thinking about buying the digital download of this amazing thing and hanging it over the bed, which would be one nice big thing to center that room around. But not right away as framing is still not free. Maybe after the holidays.

Party Thoughts: the party is two weeks from today. I need to dig out the entertaining box from the garage, it is the magical place where all spare paper cups and napkins hibernate until needed, as well as the big coffee percolating urn thing that gets filled with cider and keeps it hot and on tap for me. So here is the list/plan so far. A Costco trip is pending as of next Tuesday.

Cookbook's amazing bourbon balls

Peppermint bark

Nut/shortbread bars (I am addicted to these and am only allowed to make them once a year)

(possible new recipe) Smitten Kitchen's lemon bars from the new cookbook


Some kind of thumbprint cookie to use the insane pineapple guava jam I made from free pineapple guavas, or at least some kind of shortbread sandwich cookie for the same purpose. Trying to decide if it could work in ischler, which are Hungarian sandwich cookies made with ground almonds (may test this with hippie almond flour as they can be dense) and chocolate on top.

Cut up veggies with hummus (possibly two kinds, last year it was roasted garlic vs. roasted red pepper)

Baguette with cheeses (this is another potential place to serve that bonkers pineapple guava jam)

Spiced nuts

Baked brie with cranberry sauce for something hot and holiday-ish

Trader Joe's mushroom tartlets (I usually forget to serve anything warm so this is one thing)

This highly exciting savory version of hamentaschen, but I need a filling other than mushrooms if I do the TJ's stuff. Or maybe I should do these instead and go with the mushrooms? They will get a test run next weekend, they just look sooooo good to me

Korozot, my grandmother's highly addicting Hungarian blue cheese based dip

Mini bagels with shmear (korozot is also good here) - this was a random thing my mom brought last year and it was a HUGE HIT

Smoked salmon (great with the tiny bagels)

Antipasto plate with olives, roasted red peppers, artichoke hearts, salami and prosciutto, possibly with the little mozzarella balls...

90% of this can be made ahead of time, served at room temp. and eaten with fingers or toothpicks. Somebody is threatening to bring a crock pot o' meatballs and I have to figure out what that involves, utensil-wise. But I figure if the brie is warm as well as the mushroom tart things I can get away with mostly cold stuff other than that.

Next up, thoughts about decorating. I need to get a tree soon!

And because Eve Moneypenny had the best costumes in Skyfall and I want them all. 
That red outfit might be good for a holiday party...


Colleen said...

I so need to see a picture of any vaguely Persian carpet!

Cookbook said...

This is a nice checklist -- I'm starring it it my reader because some of those food ideas sound greeeeat! ;)

For the Crock-Pot meatballs I think all you'd need is an outlet nearby your buffet for plugging it in, and a serving spoon with something to rest it on (so you don't stain the table cloth or table itself). I'm assuming the meatballs will come in their own sauce which makes it much easier!

Anne At Large said...

Colleen, it's coming soon, I promise! It's vaguely Persian by way of Macy's, I'm sure, but it's nice and it was under my parents dining room table for decades so it didn't get much traffic or wear (we rarely ate in there).

Cookbook, I'm glad you approve, your bourbon ball recipe is easily in the top 3 most requested every year now! Meatball-wise I am just wondering if people will use toothpicks or if I need to find some forks... good point on the spoon rest though!