Saturday, January 12, 2013

Movie Interlude

Is it weird that I'm watching the BBC miniseries State of Play (very good, so far) and counting the actors I recognize from Doctor Who? I'm up to six so far, I think. I had to look up a couple to make sure they weren't in Doctor Who. Matt even caught one I missed, and he usually makes fun of me for playing "name that face" (but, I needed to figure out that the snotty Miss Bingley from the BBC Pride and Prejudice was the Vice-President of the Galaxy in the Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy movie!)

My list of Who actors so far:
John Simm
Bill Nighy
David Morrissey
Marc Warren

and Rebekah Staton, who looks very different as a blonde. 
And on top of all the Who people, add a really young James MacAvoy and also, Kelly MacDonald, LOVE HER. Not to mention The Hound from Game of Thrones. Weirdly stacked cast. Almost distractingly so. But this was also pretty early in a lot of their careers and they have gone on to bigger and better things. So, um, good for them, I guess is my point. 

Matt was making fun of me for watching modern BBC with no Mr. Darcy involved but I am home with a stuffy brain and a semi-cold and I just watched the first three of six episodes in one sitting and am going to be waiting by the mailbox until Netflix sends me the second half!

Edited to add: also one of the cops was the alien leader in the first episode of Doctor Who I ever saw. I guess if you do British tv, it's either Eastenders or Doctor Who, is what this really means.


Kerry said...

State of Play was such a great tv show! I watched it a few years ago but it's back on my Netflix queue. Speaking of great actors in tiny roles, I was really impressed by the guy who played Sid on the newspaper team and wondered why he wasn't in more things.

Anne At Large said...

Now that you say that I totally have to look him up, Sid was great! He doesn't really do as much until the second half and I really liked hiim1