Friday, February 1, 2013

Back In The Office Again

It's that time of year, the organizing and fresh-starting season is nigh and my office needs some love. There is a doom-worthy file cabinet in the closet and I may just have to empty out the whole closet at this rate and start fresh.

The desk and bookshelves are under control right now, and I love my cushy red reading chair, but I need a solution for the wires in that corner, as they are looking pretty ratty right now.

But here's the rub: Matt just applied for a job in Austin. Yes, the one in Texas. And that's a 26-hour drive from here. California is big, but when you add in Arizona, New Mexico and West Texas, that is SO FAR AWAY.

So how much time do I invest in getting my office just-so, and how much do I spend trying to decide what we can take and what we will sell on Craigslist? I know it doesn't matter until they offer him the job and he takes it, but it is a crazy idea to have in the back of your head... If I had to get rid of most of this stuff, what would I keep?

The whole thing is just making me desperate to go to Reno and clean out the storage unit up there- if it didn't fit in this house and was still good furniture, we stuck it in a shipping container behind Matt's dad's garage. And I am dying to get up there and sell a big batch of perfectly good furniture, because at this rate, we may never have a house that it all fits in again (the Reno house was quite spacious). We went from around 1800 sq. ft. with a two- car garage there to 1100ish and a one-car garage down here, and this house was already partially furnished (hence the awesome bookshelf and desk in my office, those are MINE NOW).

Updates and pictures of furniture as events warrant. Right now I am in limbo. And it is killing me in the getting-projects-done department.


Kerry said...

Honestly, I vote sell-off on the furniture except for the items you know that you will never be able to replace. Because lives changes, and if you move around the housing characteristics change, and moving is expensive.

Anne At Large said...

Yeah, so Austin is off the table, they lowballed us by a LOT. And now I am antsy to go to Reno and get stuff out of storage and sell it. We have way too much stuff and I don't miss 95% of the stuff up there. And I kind of want to sell some stuff we have down here too... You are totally right.