Friday, February 13, 2009

Does this make me Hallmark's bitch?

Based on the fact that I am TRYING NOT TO OBSESS ABOUT THE JOB APPLICATION I JUST SENT IN, here is a completely irrelevant post for the weekend.

I have been suckered into it. V-day, that is. There is so much hype around this holiday that at one point, I actually asked Matt if we could go out somewhere nice for dinner Saturday night. He was polite enough to not laugh at me. How could I forget? V-day is when EVERYBODY jacks up their prices, the grocery store is suddenly selling a dozen roses for fifty bucks instead of fifteen and the new-ish restaurant I have been curious about has jacked up their prices so we can have the privilege of paying sixty bucks a pop for a set menu with no drinks. We'll see about that. Since we all know I love to cook, we will be having a romantic Saturday night at home (or at least attempting to) instead of being badgered into supporting the economy.

Saturday night's current menu:

Appetizer - to be determined (suggestions? so far it is baguettes with Trader Joe's olive tapenade and some nice cheese)

Main - Oven-roasted turkey breast with herby goodness

Veg - Oven-roasted asparagus and cauliflower (I love my double oven)

Salad - mixed green salad with diced peppers, cucumber and some kind of nuts, possibly candied walnuts since I have some leftover from all that holiday granola-making

Bev - a nice riesling that costs under ten bucks that we are both very fond of (something St. Michelle, I think)

Dessert - something chocolaty, maybe this with the last of the gingersnaps if they aren't gone by then and some strawberries if I can find any that look decent this early on.

This involves me giving NO MONEY to any greeting card companies, snotty restaurants or sleazy clothiers (no matter how cute this looks). So I am going to go with it.

Oh, and Matt's job for V-Day? Find a copy of the ORIGINAL Star Wars (none of this "Greedo shot first" revisionist nonsense) so we can snug on the couch and be nerds with our white wine and chocolate pudding after dinner.

Any more interesting stay home and eat nice things-based holiday suggestions are totally welcome, this is a completely theoretical plan at this point. Well, other than the turkey that is already in the fridge. That part's not theoretical any more.


Zack Sheppard said...

The original Star Wars will be difficult. I hope you have a VCR!

Anne (in Reno) said...

Ha, not if you know the right nerds@ Bussick to the rescue! One of the special release DVDs has the originals in with the special features, and of course he knew that ;)

Anonymous said...

You're too cute Annie! I hope it all went well, and that you enjoyed the film ;) Me, I got a V-day card from the man I'd just broken up with. He'd luckily talked himself out of sending me flowers to the hotel in the Caribbean where I was...