Friday, February 5, 2010


Well, it sounds like our grant is officially going to end this May. None of the new grants sound like they are coming through and now is really a great time to look for a job. I have been half-heartedly hunting but now my security blanket is going away. And I just had an interesting discussion with Matt about whether it is better to be overqualified for your job and not challenged enough like we both are now or to be underqualified and have to work really hard to keep up. I'd rather be the latter so I could grow into something bigger (like I did when I started this job a couple of years ago), but in this job market I can't really expect to find something like that.

So what can I expect? Something exciting and challenging in my field would be more than I can expect in the local job market, I am wild-guessing. I am NOT going to go work at the animal testing lab, I'm sorry. Unless they switch to LOLcats.

What I am leaving is something not challenging any more but still makes me feel productive, with a very cool boss, where I get all state and national holidays off. I guess I'm spoiled, in an underpaid kind of way. It's pretty depressing.


drwende said...

Ugh, indeed.

As well as wishing you good results, I'm going to repeat what I told Kerry when she was job-hunting: include a few "weird but fun" positions in the search, in case it's your karma to get one. Even if karma is on the side of your making a very normal next career step (as it probably is for you), finding and applying for the odd stuff lifts some of the burdensomeness of the search process.

Anne (in Reno) said...

I like that idea, it does make it a little bit more fun. Thanks!