Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fall Fantasy

There is a chill in the air. I LOVE it. Wool coats and scarves, come to mama! I stocked up on t-shirts and wool socks, and I'm ok for sweaters, so now I just have to wait for a sale to stock up on the last few gaps in my wardrobe:

Best bottom layer ever.

I love corduroy. Fall means corduroy, people! It's a wonderful time! Ignore the model's ridiculous shoes and moldy sweater, please.

These SO need to go on sale. Nobody needs eighty dollars worth of pants. And seriously, are those supposed to be fall sandals? To wear with your cords? Come on, stylist people, be serious.

I really just need to win the lottery. and apparently I am much preppier in my fantasies than in real life.

Anyways, tomorrow is back to work in the greenhouses, where all of these clothes will be totally inappropriate. And it should be 90 again by next weekend. So there will be time for one more barbecue before fall really hits. And hopefully much tomato harvesting. But right now, I am fantasizing and enjoying the rainy weather.

What's your favorite season? I say summer is best for barbecuing but fall definitely wins out on the cute outfits. I am a corduroy and sweater girl! Also, scarves. I can't get behind scarves when it's above 65 degrees out, sorry Urban Outfitters. But right now I have a crazy purple and fuchsia ombre scarf on that I found at Junkee. Apparently I can only find accessories at thrift stores. And also picture all of this preppy stuff with loopy hippie accessories, will you? I wouldn't want to give the wrong impression...


Kerry said...

It wouldn't occur to me to wear cords +sandals, but that would be perfect for November in Arizona. It's hard not to dress seasonlessly out here.

Cookbook said...

I love cords too!

LOJO said...

I don't like cords, but I love that bottom blue sweater!

Anne (in Reno) said...

Kerry, I wear cords with sandals in the fall as well, it's just the heavy black suede wedges seem like a bit much to me here. Cords still aren't really that dressy to me. Cookbook, I don't understand how anyone wouldn't love cords! Lorijo, you're missing out! Also I cannot tell you how much I wish I could justify that sweater, I want to pet it!