Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Oh Media.

Not even mass media. Just media in my house. I just spent an excessive amount of time trying to a. get a decent cell phone plan for all the minutes we never use and b. bundle my cable tv, home phone and internet so we can get decent service without being overcharged just because we have different services from different providers who keep slowing down our internet or taking away our channels. This is not the fun kind of shopping, let me tell you.

I am not even going to look at any more cell phone BS until our contract is up so I don't need somebody to buy us out. I like Charter for all the home stuff but then somebody just told me they're in bankruptcy or something. So that makes me sad and curious as to how they can still totally try and sell me lots of services if they are going under. Yeesh.

So instead I need to spend some time working in my garden/taking pictures of it. Because this photo is now woefully inaccurate. I have weeds taller than that, let alone tomato plants. My cherry tomato is just heading into that nice bonkers time of year... I'll be sick of it by the time the rest of them start to fully go nuts, but by then my sister will be sad enough that her tomatoes froze that she will be happy for a pile of spare toms, cherry or otherwise.

Edit: Yeesh, I need to find somewhere to recycle wood pallets. And plastic plant pots. What a messy picture.

Edit Edit: Charter is coming next week to de-crappy my internet. Matt will be here, I will not. We will see what is done/functional by the time I'm back...


Alana in Canada said...

Your garden is looking fantastic, Anne! Enjoy your toms--ours are a ways away yet. I should do a post and show you what all has happened this year in the back yard!

lauralynne said...

Hey, those raised beds look great! I also really like the blog redesign.

Anne (in Reno) said...

I will post some proper garden photos soon, as should you, Alana! Lauralynne, thanks! When do we get some action shots of your garden-in-process?