Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Drop in the Bucket.

In between applying for jobs I am starting to attempt to clean out the house. I just got rid of a lounge chair/ottoman thing via Craigslist and it took so long. Curse you, winter storms. I need to have a garage sale here! Can it please not be 35 degrees out this weekend? Talk about bad timing to start getting ready to move.

I want to take about half this stuff with me. Matt wants to store way too much of it for just-in-case purposes, which might kill me (esp. in the cases of a lot of the random crap we've NEVER used). But at the very least it is not getting trucked to California. And he knows that. So it's a start. And he knows we are not paying to store anything. And his dad (of the 5 acres of sagebrush with plenty of spare room...) knows that too.

I figure, if we really need it we can come get it out of "storage" or replace it via Craigslist because the Bay Area CL is so much better than the Reno one. And I am realizing how many people I have missed that I will be able to see again down there. Not the least of which is my grandmother, but also my parents and sister and Reno peeps who have moved down there and LG peeps who have never left. So I am getting excited!

Tomorrow we go talk turkey with my dad, see what kind of shape the stuff in the house is and what of it we can still use. Also, eat real turkey. I am bringing a pair of pumpkin pies and an apple pie with obligatory homemade crumble crust. Pumpkin pies are done, pain-in-the-butt pie is all that's left to do other than pack the car and get a haircut. Matt has been taking videos of me with his new phone and other than generally objecting to their existence, they showed me that I really need a haircut. So I guess their existence isn't completely offensive, just mostly.

Also, does anyone know how to put pictures in Blogger now? I have some home inspiration photos I really like and it wants me to put them in Picasa so I can upload them. It seems silly to not be able to upload directly from My Pictures any more. And posts with no pictures are exponentially less fun :(


LOJO said...

I don't know either or I would share that info. It's annoying with everything in Picasa....

as someone who moved from Texas to Michigan in a moving van, I can honestly tell you that I wish I had brought only about 1/4 of the crap I trotted across the country. I have sold or given away most of what I brought with me, and, at the time, it all seemed SO important to me.

have a happy Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

Good luck! With both the move and the job hunt. I am someone who needs to be really sure before getting rid of something, so I am definitely a store and see kind of person. This quality trait drives me (and especially my husband) crazy--I'm getting better, but it's a real thing for me. Anyway, I empathize with both of you in this regard. Good luck!

At least the storage is free!

Anne (in Reno) said...

I like the idea of keeping things in theory when it's the good furniture or stuff with family connections. This is just the random crap that's killing me.