Monday, January 3, 2011

Back In The Saddle Nevada Again

It was an interesting trip to California again. I went down last Monday and  got  to spend some time  with my sisters and the kiddoes. I also got to spend some time cleaning out my grandmother's house. Specifically there is a semi-built-in old grotty plywood desk in the room that will be Matt's office that needs to come out. But it was my grandfather's, and it is FULL. We got to see old birth certificates, a ton of old black-and-white photos, and my grandmother's immigration papers - she was coming for a six-month visit. That was over 60 years ago and she's still here. Thankfully there was a lot of duplication and a lot of the good photos were already in my grandfather's albums, so we got to go through and do a lot of clearing out and consolidating. It was good to make a dent, as next week the bathroom is getting demo'ed and the desk is coming out at the same time. I still have to go back and do a number on the closets and see if the Salvation Army will come and pick up some of the furniture. There is some good wood stuff that I would like to use but there is some stuff that we can't use that has no sentimental family value so it is out!

It was a relief to come back to Reno, even though I flew (tip: 7am New Year's eve is not a bad time to go to the airport). Thank goodness for Southwesst frequent flier benefits! We had a nice NYE at a friend's and watched fireworks from his balcony, and then New Year's day we had hot pot at  my sister-in-law's house with mushrooms and noodles and dumplings and shrimp balls and, oddly enough, lamb. It is always really tasty, there is a sesame dipping sauce involved that I swear is like crack. So this week we are going  vegetarian. At least, until next weekend, which is my new nephew's 100 Day celebration, although sadly we  are going to a buffet instead of a big Chinese dinner. For my eldest niece's 100 Day we went to a Chinese restaurant where my sister-in-law is friends with the owners and had a feast of  all the stuff I could never find on the menu (like duck with the head still on, whole fried fish, all AWESOME). But it is supposed to be the best buffet in town so I know I won't be hurting for options. I just have to have a little post-holiday self-control. Bleah.


unmitigated me said...

Local libraries usually have genealogy rooms that would be happy to take old birth certificates and usually photos, too!

Anne (in Reno) said...

Really? I would think it would be odd to go look at that stuff when it belongs to strangers. Like going through their mail. I will check if our local library has one though, in case it doesn't just get all parted out between sisters. Thanks!