Saturday, January 8, 2011

Not Exciting.

Pardon the radio silence, there is not much going on here. I am trying to cook vegetarian and put things in boxes for a preliminary trip to the new place (which will hopefully occur next week). I am trying to think of ways to speed up the emptying of the current house and the future house. Salvation Army, I'm sure you're breathlessly awaiting my call. And no, I don't agree with all their practices but they are the only ones who seem to pick up. And there will be a bed, a hideabed couch and some other large pieces that need a loving home and nobody in my family is attached to enough to keep. Also they are large and heavy and I am sick of stupid Craigslist people.

And I am already starting to fantasize about a garden somewhere temperate where everything grows! Everything! And what would look good with the existing plantings, which include fairly massive jade plants and tons of azaleas. It should be interesting, I have epic plant lists and a preemptive shopping trip to both the local Farmer's Market and the Santa Cruz Arboretum on my To-Do list. And the first thing I am going to do is plant tomatoes! In February! I am SO excited.

From here
But seriously. These jade plants are like trees. You never see jade with other plants, you see it  indoors, in a pot. Or tiny ones in with a bunch of succulents on top of a table. For "interest". Maybe I need some tropical-looking stuff or something. With the azaleas.Yeah. And I am incredibly sad  for all of the cymbidium orchids that used to be there. She couldn't take care of them so she gave them away. So sad.


unmitigated me said...

I know the Salvation Army goes a little overboard with the church thing, but they do feed and clothe the destitute, for which I can overlook many things. I am a regular donater, and thrift-shopper there!

Anne (in Reno) said...

I know they do lots of good, that is why I am ok with donating to them. It's just around here I usually go for the Big Brothers/Big Sisters, or we have a local group called WARC. It's Washoe Area Retarded Citizens, they have a coffee shop and thrift stores and they give people jobs who could not normally get them. But I figure, new 'hood, I will donate to whoever will show up with a truck.