Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Picture Time!

Yesterday and today have been moving-of-furniture days but Monday was Moving In day so here are some Before photos. I came down and took out a lot of old furniture and painted the living room and the hallway so they are not 100% Before, but they will still be a good comparison for the After photos I will take in approximately 5 years.

 This is the view from the living room. On the left you have the dining area and the right has the entryway and the kitchen area.
 Closeup of the dining area. With any luck there will be something more useful under that window soon, perhaps a cabinet or credenza of some sort. The bar cart is cute but that area just invites clutter.
 Hello, kitchen. This was a gut job by the landlord so everything is very basic but new and clean and very functional. But man, how did I not realize how much storage space I had before?
 Living room from the entryway. On the left is the hallway entrance and on the right is the patio door. Thus, not a lot of ways to arrange furniture in here. On the plus side, I painted it before we moved big heavy stuff in!
 My office. Small and I inherited an awesome desk and bookshelf. The tippy standing light on the right is the only room light - there is no overhead light. This means the window always stays open. However, the view is a narrow little patch of fence where I can't plant anything exciting so I am contemplating a white roman shade so I can leave it shut and have it be light but with no ugly view.
 Tiny bathroom. Redone before renting. Art will probably get changed.
 Master bedroom. Enthralling, eh? Desperately needs painting, this room will get a color. I also inherited the awesome dresser on the left that needs A LOT of love. Not a full-on refinish, but probably a gallon of elbow grease...
Master bath. Also freshly remodeled and painted. This was a disaster area as of a couple of months ago. Now it is pretty much all stock and plain and clean and that (not stock) shower door makes it look SO fancy.

Garden pictures will come eventually, right now I am painting things and putting things away and flattening boxes. Very exciting. So, any thoughts? I know I scored on the bathroom/kitchen fronts but the living room is incredibly awkward, so we'll see what happens there.


Alana in Canada said...

Wow. Looks great! So fresh and clean. I don't suppose you can get a better picture of that living room, can you? Maybe with a flash?

Where's the piano? Do you have a music room?

Anne (in Reno) said...

The piano didn't come on this trip, it is staying with Matt's parents. Most of the music stuff will be in his room, which I didn't post pictures of. And the living room picture is dark because there are NO lights in there. We will be adding lots and that will help the after picture.