Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Still Moving...

The move is fully underway and my house is a wreck. The next phase is taking the dining room table/chairs and the futon up to the storage container, as soon as the in-laws are back in town and we can use their vehicle. Then the big move will be on - the couch, loveseat and big living room rug are my big priorities (and the CD racks because right now all our CDs are in crates in my new office). Once those are down there we can figure out what we need and don't need and generally get the place sorted out.

The house is a lot cleaner and I finished painting the living room this trip. Thus far, the kitchen and bathrooms are pretty much good to go, having been renovated when my parents were going to rent the house to somebody other than me. Matt's office, the hall, the entryway and the living room are all now a respectable neutral color called "Bone". And I may have successfully chosen a color for the bedroom. It is BM Nantucket Fog and I think it will look really good with the wood floors (fingers crossed).

These lovely people used it to great effect and I am only mildly worried because all our trim is already semigloss Bone and I hope it will look as good as it does with the white. It has a lot more gray in it to me than this picture does, too.

So I am consoling myself for the whole can't-move-in-until-the-in-laws-decide-it-is-convenient factor by making lists. Lists comfort me in my time of need. So now I have a nice master bedroom list to go with my paint color:

Paint walls (Nantucket Fog?)
Paint trim, doors and closet doors (semigloss Bone)
Find a rug?
Wipe down closet interior, possibly stick a runner in there (we inherited a couple of random small runners and I don't know where else to put them, so hey, why not?)
Find a headboard for the bed (oh Bay Area Craigslist, don't fail me now)
Get a bedskirt (depends on the headboard situation)
this is our existing duvet cover, of course there are exactly ZERO pictures of it showing it with a bedskirt. 

Refinish existing dresser (huge, old and cool but the finish is basically gone except for misc. rings from perfume bottles left on top).
Put drawer liners in dresser (anyone know where to get nice ones?)
Find some sort of blackout shade for the window (our bed is under the window and it is pretty light and a little bit drafty, but the window is single-paned and I wonder if the moisture build-up would be bad for whatever shade we stick in there).
Find something skinny to put the TV on (not much floor space compared to our old bedroom).

Not a bad start, eh? There won't be a list like this for every room, and it sure isn't all going to happen in a hurry, but it is SO good to get it all written down somewhere.

And just because it's Tuesday:

Pardon the general objectification and 80's-ness, and just enjoy that groove.

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