Monday, February 14, 2011

Still Plugging Away

There is a dearth of furniture in my house right now, and a looming snowstorm is not looking good for our moving prospects in the next couple of days. So tonight we are hunkering down for a little dinner at home. Possibly sitting on the floor. It would have been fancier but I have packed 3/4 of my kitchen stuff already.
So, the menu:

Roast chicken, asparagus and carrots with a mushroom sauce,
Green salad with caramelized pecans, beets and gorgonzola crumbles,
and baguette (there was going to be polenta but this will be ok as long as I don't eat it all before dinner)
with some kind of nice white wine,

followed by:
Haagen Dazs rocky road ice cream (Matt's fave) with milano cookies and fresh raspberries.

Best I can do is still not too bad. Also WAY cheaper than going out. And we have free movie passes that we might use for True Grit if we are so inclined. Sticking with the cheap theme, can you tell?

Also there may or may have not been a small jaunt to the outlet mall to perk up my poor sad wardrobe. Not only is it in piles on the floor, it is sad and saggy in the winter sunshine. So I now own some new shirts in BRIGHT colors (F you, winter) with cute stripes and embroidery and ruching and whatnot. My wardrobe was boring me so I was not allowed to buy anything plain or black. Also, ruching: hideous in theory, super-flattering in practice! 

Also, because there is more than one song on The Lady Killer album.


Alana in Canada said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Valentine's Dinner. We didn't do anything special at all. We don't, generally. So, good for you.
Will we have pictures of the new digs, soon? We don't need furniture! :)

Anne (in Reno) said...

We try not to go out and do silly things, but I like to do a little something at home. Pictures may ensue if I can get in there with a camera tomorrow... we are trying to move, finally!