Thursday, March 31, 2011

Picture Post!

So this is the living room with our giant couch in situ. When people come over we pull chairs up on either side of our wacky hexagonal coffee table. It's wacky. But free. And if we leave the chairs in place then you can't walk around. It's weird. The desk on the left is on wheels so it isn't always there. And those speakers look TALL. Art is really coming soon, I swear.

The view of the stereo corner from the drumset. Can you see the banjo?

There's the drumset. Kitchen/dining area hasn't really changed. But there is art up in there. Some of it is a little small but I like it.

 Still the kitchen.

 Still need a cabinet/buffet over in that corner, it is a disaster.

That stuff up top doesn't look terrible. It kills me that the cabinets don't go to the ceiling, though. WASTED SPACE.

Paint swatches in action. And a bedskirt. Still no art here either, though. I am debating a tapestry on that left-hand wall. And I love the shape of that lampshade. The tv is on a nightstand that my dad made in woodshop when he was in school. I never made anything that cool in woodshop, sigh.

Dresser needs a lot of love, still. And the current paint swatch front-runner is actually to the right of the mirror, whether you can see it or not. So this room needs a lot of work. Once I commit to a paint color this will be the first room to get painted.

And the office, with my ratty chair. I am terribly tempted to sell that loveseat and get a comfy armchair in there instead. And you can barely see my new awesome rug. But it is what is slowing me down from immediately painting this room green like my old office. And I still need more storage. Lots more storage.

So there's some action shots for ya. Now I just need to calm down and pick a room and deal with it. I want to do everything at once so now I just work in the garden while the sun shines. And there will be pictures of that too, soon!


Alana in Canada said...

So glad you are getting settled in. Thanks for the tour.

scb said...

Great tour, and you've set the stage well for our new Hybrid Cure! Well done! I will take Before Pics tomorrow when the light returns.