Sunday, March 13, 2011

Still No Pictures, But At Least A Return To Updates.

I have been in this house officially for almost a week now. Here is what I've done:

Bummed around and watched the first half of the new season of the Venture Brothers. It is getting progressively weirder.
Celebrated my nephew's eighth birthday.
Investigated several grocery stores and used furniture stores. No furniture finds yet. Grocery stores are hit and miss. Whole Foods is even more expensive here, the Raley's is weird and dirty (it was the nice one in Reno) and the local option (Lunardi's) is shockingly expensive for some things and perfectly reasonable for others. Trader Joe's is exactly the same as in Reno. So it is a mix between Lunardi's and Raley's for respectable produce so far and TJ's for soy products, juice and other random specialty items. WF may be a better deal for bulk stuff. Also Lunardi's has THE BEST BREAD EVER. God I love being back in bread country. Also I need to find my local farmer's markets since they are year-round here.
Rearranged the living room so the stereo and speakers will fit. I don't love it.
Begun hanging up art, whether it is in places I still need to paint or not. It still looks better than bare dirty walls.
Begun testing paint colors for rooms that still need paint. So far my blue is not gray enough. Baby blue was not the goal. But it still needs to dry more before I can write it off completely. It is drying darker...
Un-papered and painted the entire linen closet. This was the first project before Matt got here. It was bright green with flowered wallpaper. And spiders. Now it is white with white acrylic liners and looks nice and clean. Clean is big here.
Done a mild amount of yard cleanup, planted an azalea and some herbs.
Made a few real meals, including possibly my best-ever batch of curry cauliflower soup. I need to get new bulk spice sources.

I need to take some before/during pictures of the garden. More interior pictures will ensue sooner than later, probably once I've decided on a paint color. It should rain all week so that will keep me out of the garden for a bit.

 And as a closer, here is a little friend that I have inherited. He is not really that little, standing almost 6" tall, but he is a good reminder of how I remember this house, full of love (and knick-knacks). I need to corral the existing knick-knacks and give them good homes, but right now this little guy is on the windowsill right above my computer to keep me company.


Alana in Canada said...

Was this a home in your family, then, that you have moved into? Good to hear from you. Hope that blue paint situation turns out!

Anne (in Reno) said...

Alana, it was my grandmother's house for the last 35 years. She can no longer live here on her own and my parents were going to rent it out. So they are - to Matt and me! I am using some of her furniture and gradually sharing out the rest of it among sisters. But it is complicated to fit everything into a smaller house.

And the blue paint looks much too babyish but the green paint that I was so skeptical about may be just the thing. Our floors are very orangey wood so the blue looked awful!