Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Morning, You Gave Me No Warning

I'm back! Had to go to Reno this weekend for a memorial service (sad, but nice) and to turn on the sprinklers - we have a renter! And this morning I had a job interview... cross your fingers for me!

Week 3: Research Furniture and Services
--What are you going to buy, how much and where can you find it?
--Start a list of Interior changes you want to make (use the Interior design worksheet)
--Identify cool room and warm rooms.
--Decide on window treatments
--Apply the 80/20 colour rule
--Research and call in help

1. Found the magazine holders on sale at the Container Store, I can see that is going to be a place I have to avoid. Picture frame was via Rug pad will be from West Elm, most likely, because I have a coupon and they have the size I need.
2. Interior changes mainly involve organizing, repainting and moving some stuff around. I have a small side table that might get put next to the loveseat, and art is continually being rearranged. More storage ideas may still be pending.

3. This is a warm room. The rug has a lot of colors in it but the floor is a distinctly orangey oak and the curtains are a "linen" that looks pretty yellow to me (this is not from age, they are relatively new and pleasantly clean). All the other furniture is warm wood tones except for the loveseat which is a neutral taupe (also warm).

4. These are staying. 

5. I have totally forgotten the 80/20 rule. Which is bad because it probably says something about the paint color I am thinking about. It is a light yellowy sort of lemongrass which I think won't fight with all the wood or overwhelm with all the green accents. I am on the fence. My mom is rooting for me to use the shade I just picked out for the bedroom, which is a darker sort of khaki green, but this is not as bright of a room and more of the accents are green so I am thinking it might be green overkill.

6. This is my room and I am doing it on my own. Research is ongoing.

Also, I am thinking about putting this on the wall. What do we think, too dark? I kind of love it so I may be biased.


Alana in Canada said...

The background is dark--but it is lovely. How big will it be in the space?

Lemongrass may have too much green in it to get "along" with the orangy oak. (I have a lot of that in my house!) Then again, sometimres opposities work--test it out and see.

Anne (no longer in Reno) said...

It turns out the lemongrass is too yellow, and the nice khaki green I just painted the bedroom is too brown. And I think the picture is too dark because I can only print it at 8x10. And so it goes.