Saturday, November 1, 2008


Not a bad H'ween last night, I wish I had pictures. I wasn't a mad scientist, just a cranky one. I had a lab coat and my Tina Fey glasses and a bun with a pencil through it. I consider it totally respectable for the complete lack of effort it took. Forgot my camera though, of course.

Reno likes holidays. Downtown is much more walking friendly in non-casino areas than it used to be, so most holidays are an occasion for a bar crawl (including Xmas AND Easter). H'ween means it just becomes the Zombie Bar Crawl. It's very social even if you're not a zombie. We just strolled around a lot and people-watched, mostly. But right around midnight, one of the local bbq joints pulled up right outside the bar we were in with a little trailer. Out of which they were selling ribs and pulled pork. All I can say is that is GENIUS.

And I saw at least two McCains and three Sarah Palins. Both of the McCains were dead and one of the Palins was a zombie. No Democrats though, not even a Lieberman or anything. I totally don't count the little kid trick-or-treating in his normal clothing with a Bill Clinton mask on.

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