Wednesday, November 5, 2008

WT Week 1 (part 2)


1. Who is your candidate for "best dressed," real or fictional?

Today? As per the link below(also where I swiped the picture from), Michelle Obama. Striking but always occasion-appropriate, and half of the time it's J Crew. Mostly I just love J Crew. And how she looks so pulled together even when she is dressed casually. Really, I don't have a lot of style icons because I am just not up on that stuff.

2. Is there anyone you're tempted to see as a style icon, but you'd never dare dress that way?
Cate Blanchett. She dresses totally insanely from what I have seen, but she rocks it so hard it's difficult for me not to admire her and want to dress like her. Just, you know, not insane.
3. What is your favorite garment/outfit ever?
I got the softest black zip cardigan from Banana last winter - it was part cashmere so it was super soft and nice and long so I didn't get a draft at the top of my pants. Sadly, it wore terribly and pilled like crazy. It didn't make it a year, I finally put it in the donate pile after the third time I had to mend the elbows.
4. What is your current favorite garment?
My flare-leg corduroys. I am a big girl, I look good in flares. I don't care if they're not On Trend. I was desperate and actually paid full price for two pairs (grr) and still love them both anyways.
5. What would you wear if you could wear absolutely anything?

That damn falling-apart black sweater from Banana. SO SOFT. Or my gorgeous black cocktail dress that makes me look like Audrey Hepburn. Not a lot of stuff makes me look petite and gamine. This dress is magic. Too bad I have no reason to wear it until maybe New Year's Eve.
6. What would your favorite store be, if money were no object?
Probably similar to where I shop now, just not the sale section. Say, Banana, J Crew and Boden.
7. Do you have a favorite store now?
Gap/Banana sale rack/J Crew sale rack. J crew has the softest tee shirts (sorry, AA, your service is too crappy) and Banana has the best cut of pants for my heinie. Gap fills in everything else.
8. What's your best fashion faux-pas story, now that the scars have healed?
Let me think about this one. Clothes just haven't been that important in my life so I don't have any biggies.

How You Live & the People Around You

1. If there were a uniform for where you spend most of your time, what would it be?

Jeans, fleece and a tee shirt. And cute sneakers. No nice clothes at work, you don't want to get acid on them.
2. If there were a uniform for where you spend your leisure, what would it be?
Cords, a sweater and a scarf. And cute sneakers. I'm so not a heels girl. Skirts in summer. Still not with heels. Heels mean it has to be a real occasion (or Halloween).
3. What do you like best about the prevailing style where you are?
It's weather- and work-appropriate. People dress for the real world here. At least, the people I'm around.
4. What frustrates you?
I would like to wear cuter/more interesting stuff to work, but I don't actually want to risk stuff I'm fond of or that was expensive (well, expensive to me).
5. Is there another place (one you've lived, visited, heard about, whatever) that better captures your idea of style?
I loved Portland. It was way more interesting and quirky. If I moved back there, I would probably start dyeing my hair again. I can be quirky in Reno because I am the minority. Does that make sense?
6. Construct a quick pie chart of the occasions for which you dress.
Soon, I promise.

Your Wardrobe

1. In three bullet points, what is the problem with your wardrobe?

Boring, lacks a definable style and weak on accessories.
2. If your wardrobe could speak, what would it say is the problem?
"Zzzzzzzz. Wait, what, you want to get dressed? Go wear the same stuff you wore the rest of the week, and leave me alone."
3. What one thing do you want your wardrobe to do more of?
Have a little more zing. I need a twist of lime in this drink, bartender.
4. What do you want people to say about your look?
That I am put-together and snazzy. As opposed to dull, haphazard, and ill-fitting.


drwende said...

"I need a twist of lime in this drink, bartender."

LOVE this phrase.

This should be the tall woman's mantra, since it's so difficult for us to find interesting clothing that fits.

Karen said...

Hi Anne, Karen from In Knitting News checking out fellow WT posts.

Love the name of your blog. I will admit I dropped trig/pre-calc senior year of high school.

I'm another Michelle Obama fan, and her beautiful daughters. I strive to dress my nearly 6 year old daughter like Sasha.

I'd forgotten about Boden.

Best wishes!