Wednesday, November 5, 2008

WT Week 1 (part 1)

Agenda: Week 1

Bones: Get completely caught up on laundry you can do yourself.

Done. I have a weird love for laundry so I tend to not get behind. At all. Ever.

Breath: Choose one garment, pair of shoes, accessory, make-up item, skin-care product, or hair-care product that will ultimately belong in the Torture Device, Velveteen Rabbit, or Mystery of the Lost Shopping Trip category and make it go away now instead of waiting for its special week. If you think it best to start a donation bag or turn your old clothes into rags, do that thing -- just get something de-accessioned.
Waiting on this one: I am teetering on the edge of taking a couple of my nicest pieces of clothing that admittedly don't fit well and hardly get worn to a consignment store. But they were both expensive and I loved them when I got them and they will be tough to replace. One is an adorable blue houndstooth coat and the other is my interview suit. Neither is in the budget for replacing this go-round. They are in the spare closet to be contemplated. Out of MY closet is as good as it's going to get, right now.

Heart: Do something pampering for yourself.
Tonight: bubble bath. 'Nuff said.

Head: Find a source of clothing pictures that you enjoy looking at. It need not be a fashion magazine or current catalog. Old movies, Old Masters... doesn't matter. The idea is to immerse yourself in elements that nourish your personal style, regardless of whether the nice buyers at the nice stores are on the same page.
Working on it. Here is a blog completely devoted to analyzing our next first lady's style and fashion choices. She would not be a bad person to emulate. She's tall and has broad shoulders (skinnier than me though) and I love her casual wear style and the way she wears cardigans with everything. Makes me want to try and wear more belts. I will keep looking, but this is a current fave.

Coming tomorrow, the interview!

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