Friday, November 14, 2008

WT? Or not.

So as much as I like tagging along and doing questionnaires and being a part of the group, I am realizing that maybe my wardrobe doesn't need a ton of therapy at the moment. I get motivated to make piles and sort things and realize, I just did that pretty recently, and the stuff that's waiting to get replaced is just going to stay waiting while I suck it up and wear what I've got for a while. I like shopping. A lot. And this is just another excuse to shop. My wardrobe is not in bad shape, it's just a little dull. I've got a relatively clean closet and a pared-down list of what I am looking for in the long run. So I am going to be a bum and bow out on this one.

Although, I have to say, I did find a nice big problem-solver:

I wore this to my crazy vegan dinner and got so many compliments that I didn't sweat the entire rest of my outfit. Clearly big honking jewelry is the way to go for me. The new problem is, I went back and she posted another one. And I love it too. Darnit.


drwende said...

Excellent jewelry!

Indeed, you shouldn't be doing WT if your wardrobe doesn't need T. Heaven knows how I'd be running it if we hadn't moved.

lorijo said...

I love that necklace!