Thursday, March 12, 2009

Garden angst

It was so beautiful this weekend that I was inspired to drop by the local nursery. I needed some garden supplies, soil fertilizer etc. and was jonesing for some plants. Of course, since it's only March, the clever nursery people don't have anything in stock. So I excitedly tidied and mulched things and was generally antsy and unproductive in my backyard.

Beyond the plant list that I won't be able to buy anything off of until April, I need to do some rock-moving and finish the borders on my path. I will post pictures if the weather continues to be annoyingly gorgeous. Here lies the rub: Monday it snowed so bad there were multiple multi-car pile-ups during the morning commute. Friday it is supposed to be in the 60's. How can I work like this?!

Realistically, what I can do is get off my butt and order the flagstone for my back patio. That can get installed as long as it isn't snowing because it won't matter if it snows once I get it all in. And it's not that big of a patio so I just need to get it a little more level before I go at it.

However, what I totally want to be doing is planting things, NOT moving rocks. Sigh.

Pictures forthcoming, hopefully they will be particularly good after I get through this camera class I am taking on Saturday...

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