Friday, March 27, 2009

You know all is right with the world

When Itunes finishes up Emerson Lake and Palmer's cover of Copland's Hoedown and follows it with Puccini's "Gira la cote" from Turandot. Daaamn.

Anyways, hope everyone had a nice weekend! There will soon be fresh pictures of my triumphant backyard projects from this weekend ... I managed to finish the flagstone patio (when I really should be finishing the river rock edging for the bed by the path so the gravel path doesn't get all full of mulch) and got some nice plantings in around it. And Emma, did I spend too much time at Filoli if my immediate solution for my backyard started with gravel paths and perennial borders? Now I just need a hula hoe!

P.S. the best clip I found of that version of Hoedown I couldn't post because I couldn't get over the fact that the keyboard player was chewing gum during his entire solo. How do you DO that while you're playing?

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