Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dilemma Time (Also, A Suggestion For Your Blogroll)

I have now received two gorgeous fruitcakes in the mail. One from Cookbook, who you should all be reading. I won her fruitcake giveaway AND she also tossed in some modjeskas, just because I had asked about them in an earlier post. They looked unassuming, but all the current holiday treats in the house are full of nuts and therefore off-limits, so I had one. First thought that crossed my mind, "Holy crap where did that other one go and how can I get more of these NOW", no joke. There are no more modjeskas in the house. Matt didn't even see them go by. Which also may have been due to him scarfing all the damn bourbon balls I made for the party.

The other fruitcake is from our super-gourmet relatives in Woodland, which means I better make mine tonight and get 'em in some booze because it was supposed to be a swap. And I am behind the curve. Fruit, meet your new best friend, Booze.

The dilemma is - Am I nice enough to share these delicacies with the philistines at the Christmas party? Or are they miiiiiine, aaaaaaall miiiiiiine (including ensuing caloric overload, as there are, yet again, a million sweet things in the house I CAN'T eat and these are, sans modjeskas, the only sweets in the house I can have)?

Dilemma #2 - Matt is eating all my bourbon balls(recipe also courtesy of Cookbook, my holiday butter-and-sugar muse). If I make another batch, I have to hide them. It's cold enough that they could stay in the garage, tightly wrapped (seriously, the high today was 19 and our garage is, shall we say, minimally insulated). But the thought of all that buttery goodness languishing in the garage just doesn't sit well with me. Is it all in my head, or would you be reluctant to stash your sweets in your garage too?

Tonight's other project will be the first batch of Christmas party cookies, as they can be stashed in the freezer and baked closer to the party date. They come with a whole variety of mix-in options, I am thinking of the cranberries and orange zest - any opinions? That seems kind of low on the decadence-scale right now so I am less excited about it. Hmm.

Also, my hyphen use has increased dramatically. I blame Eats, Shoots and Leaves. Highly recommended.


Kerry said...

Back in Ohio I had an outdoor pantry, and I put soup stock out there all the time to cool, and leftovers and such if it was cold enough. Just make sure it is secured against stray cats or squirrels and such.

LOJO said...

I stash stuff in the garage- I put it in a rubbermaid tub so, like Kerry says, squirrels and in my case mice, don't get it.

although- we did have squirrels eat THROUGH a rubbermaid garbage can last year to get to the garbage.

Cookbook said...

Oh no, are you allergic to nuts? I can't recall if that fruitcake contains nuts or not...but I'm glad it arrived safely!

Also, I would have no qualms stashing food in my garage, and I echo Kerry and LOJO's advice -- make sure it's safe from critters!