Monday, December 7, 2009

Winter Wonderland

I am working at home today. This is the view out to my backyard. It started yesterday and I was fishtailing on major roads just to get to the grocery store. It was SO icy. I pity the quail today. About 8 inches last night with another 4-8 inches in the forecast for today. But at least it won't be icy when I finally have to suck it up and go out in it.

I am supposed to play a gig tonight at a Christmas Open House at a little church social dealio for one of our trumpet players. Our french horn player is currently snowed in and all the local schools are closed. I am inclined to call it off. But that's just me. *Edited to add - this was canceled by 10am*

We actually went out last night and we really enjoyed ourselves. The snazzy little bar that Matt's band plays at had their one-year anniversary last night. The whole street was empty and snowy except this one bar full of dressed up people. It was basically an invite-only Christmas party and there were women there in cocktail dresses and heels. I had long johns on. I did have a nice wool coat and pretty scarf but they pretty much stayed on. There was one really pretty punk girl in a red gown and I had to compliment her on her look and ask her how she did it. Her response? "I'm really cold." So I didn't feel so underdressed after that. I was respectable looking. But I was warm. So ha ha.

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Alana in Canada said...

I hear you. We have minus 31 here today. Ifit hadn't been for the children's concert at Church today we would not have stirred. We, too, were dressed for warmth--though my daughter did have a (sleeveless) dress + sweater all picked out, (and coordinated with headband and shoes) she went for warm pants in the end!