Friday, December 11, 2009

One Cold Bird

I have been working at home because I haven't been feeling well (also, foot of snow). But today it didn't look so bad so I went in to work this a.m... in my car. I went in earlier this week in Matt's truck but hadn't been out in my little Honda yet. Going to work, fine. Coming back? Slalom city. Good thing I got groceries and a nice little swag thing for my door because I am not going back out there. Fresh pictures may ensue if it stays this ridiculous.

I don't know which was worse, almost getting stuck outside the co-op (poor guys, they were so excited about having a parking lot when the weather was nice, didn't think about having to shovel it when it got crappy out) or the House Of Bread (best challah in town but they are in a real shopping center so somebody should be more on the parking lots there). Not to mention the idiots slaloming around me because I am going 15. Not gonna go any faster just because YOU have a big truck.

Anyways, I am settled in for a while now. We're only supposed get a couple more inches but it is not as cold today so everything is wet and slushy. Which means as soon it gets dark... icy! I think it's movie time. Or possibly time to get started on the next batch of bourbon balls...

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