Thursday, January 14, 2010

10 Things I Like About My Home (next meme...)

1. The light in the bedroom. This is the only south-facing room with decent exposure and it gets the most wonderful light in the afternoons. This may or may not have had something to do with my painting it bright blue, but now I can never repaint because the light works so well with the blue.

2. The Laundry Room. It has room for a drying rack and wacky cupboards that are basically my pantry. Also, I repainted and hung some art in there. So it's pretty high on the awesome list.

3. The Sunken Living Room. Coolest Thing Ever. Now I just need a sunken bed like John had in Help!

4. Every room is now a different color. Yes, maybe I am excessively proud of that but I am such a fan. Living-dining area is different shades of tan, my office is chartreuse, the bedroom is teal, the front bathroom is a dark gray-blue and the back bathroom is another shade of tan (Matt's office I take no credit/blame for. His walls are covered in sound foam and guitars).

5. Guitars do look good on walls.

6. Wende is right, illogical layouts do add character. No modern tract home is going to be laid out like mine. I will take a late-60's one any day over a modern one, flat walls notwithstanding.

7. My yard. This has its pros and cons but there sure is plenty of room for my veggie boxes. And teepees full of beans. It's also much better now that 80% of the grass is gone (and has been replaced, it's not just a yard full of dead grass).

8. Dishwasher and garbage disposal. However much I complain about the rest of the kitchen, these are pluses. Also my awesome double oven. It is awesome.

9. I like the late-60's style. I totally would go Jetsons on this place if I had the budget, it's totally made for it. Except maybe not those plastic chairs everybody on AT loves. We have those at work and let me just say, FEH. But one of those white tulip-y tables would fit right in next to the purple couch.

10. It keeps me occupied. There are always projects to be done, and I like to think of them as ways to make this place more my own. So I am going to call this a plus. Also I needed one more and I am running out of ideas.

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