Thursday, January 28, 2010

Opinion Time Again! (in which I can't make up my mind)

So the drapery rod in my office just came down. As in, one side just pulled itself out of the wall. It is currently dangling drunkenly and I am pretending to ignore it. And the curtains were one of my first-ever sewing projects so they are getting pretty limp and frayed by now. So I need some opinions. My office is basically chartreuse with tan (a.k.a. totally ignorable) carpeting and dark wood accents. You may remember it from most of my early decorating posts. This is still pretty accurate, only the art has changed.
The main points of interest are the art which is all very colorful and in black frames with white mats, and the futon, because it is covered by a gorgeous multicolored batik quilt made just for me by my mom. Now I need to suck it up and get some better curtains in here. So here are my current options:

I am terrified of pattern mixing. But I figure this has lots of white and the pattern is pretty mild-mannered. Also, these are on sale.

I am developing a deep love of orange in my old age. There is orange in the quilt, and in my little hanging lantern my sister brought back from Vietnam. And the plus here is these are so big, I only have to buy one curtain and cut it in half.

There are blinds underneath so they don't really need to cut the light, I just think the blinds are ugly so I'd rather distract from them a little bit. Also, privacy, as this room faces the street. And walking by houses where you can look straight in the front windows, while I find it entertaining (hi, I'm nosy), also creeps me out.

Your thoughts? I have more sales to scour, but so far these are the two leading contenders.


Kerry said...

Go orange. I think you need it to shock the place up a bit.

Cookbook said...

I'm a sucker for pattern-mixing, but I agree that a nice popping orange is the way to go.

Anne (in Reno) said...

Thanks ladies, I'm stalling until I check one more sale but I think that the orange is going to be the winner here!

LOJO said...

I am a big fan of the orange, but the pattern is nice. If you are looking for a pop though- orange.